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Expert Advisor (EA) (robot)

An Expert Advisor is a program that allows partial or full automation of trading operations.

This enables you to automate your basic manual trading actions. Think of not doing your repeated manual actions anymore before taking a trade. What if you never miss your best set-ups anymore. Imagine having the quickest execution (entry and exit) while trading without emotions invole. This is what automating your trading strategy looks like. If your strategy is profitable, you will stay on steady income handsfree and stressfree.

A forex robot is only as good as the algorithm behind it. We are the best plug for you.


A custom indicator is a program that graphically displays market regularities according to an author's algorithm written into the program.

This enables you to set up an analytical tool or software which helps you automatically analyze the market quickly. Imagine automating your manual analysis, this is it. Once, you stare at the custom indicator, you take the most probable trade.


A script is a program for executing one-time actions, including the execution of trade operations apart from placing a trade.

Are there actions you regularly and repeatedly do while trading? just like moving SL to break even, moving your trade signals to an external place, all forms of trade management at anytime and with any style, a script does it for you automatically.

Intentionally, reduce stress while trading. there is more to Life.


Please tell us about your idea and how you want it to be

Explain yourself in a layman's way and our group of professionals will guide you properly till you actualize your dream automation system(s).


First Step

Outline the "NEEDs" that you want to automate and send it to us via Email.


Second Step

We will reach out to you with verification details or schedule a meeting with you if need be.


Third Step

Our automation team will review your request, if it passes the automation test, Kudos, you are one-step to automation.


Fourth Step

Develop your automated system and work stressfree, seamlessly and maximize income in the market.


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